Nathan Ali: The Biography

Nathan Ali is an R&B vocalist and inspiring artist from a long line of musical heroes across generations. Continuing the family business, Nathan found his voice without the knowledge of the dynastic bloodline infused in his DNA.  One of seven kids scattered across North America, Nathan Ali only discovered his father was a legendary Motown Funk Brother when he was in his early 20's. By then, he was already making music as his outlet against the stress and violence of growing up without his father around.

Being raised by a single mom hailing from London, On., Nathan Ali was moved into foster care and grew up with many different clicks. Finding solace in his music, Nathan Ali built up his character as prolific songwriter and performer by surviving from a life filled of struggle and adversity.

Driven by the dream of bringing music to the world, Nathan Ali combines his life experience with his sound to create a world of that tells the story of perseverance against the odds. Ushering in with the new wave of urban music, Nathan Ali is primed up with his new album and powerful singles with the purpose to leave a message for his three kids: infuse your goals with your dreams and never give up.

Nathan Ali is a family man far from the life he grew up in.  It's now his turn to return the favour to the next generation, empowerment through positive reinforcement and a dedicated passion.  Nathan Ali represents his family everywhere he goes. Join Nathan Ali on his journey as he takes a new look on life, and become part of the growth of his #Family.  



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Nathan Ali

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